It’s no use in Crying…

“It’s no use in crying over spilled milk;” but wine…feel free to bawl.


I fear success? 

A couple of years ago I started the journey to create a crafting business.  It has been a hard journey and I am at a cross road; do I continue or give it up? My start-up has been slow and it doesn’t help that I don’t have a whole lot of time available for designs and constructions…or do I?  Yes and No.  I’m single and I have a house to manage, plus I work full-time, then I’m trying to create a social life. But those sound like excuses, valid or not; this is something I think most of us that are trying to get our craft business off the ground face.  We fear so much, no different than any other person starting their own business…but what happens when you fear success.  Is it just me? Or do others feel the same way?

Let me start by saying when I started this business I approached in the wrong manner and I didn’t really understand the consumers in my demographic; I still don’t.  But I should have approached this as a “Business” and not a popular hobby that many have made profitable.  There are articles out there that are very helpful in the journey to entrepreneurship, but the truth all boils down to how you personally feel about your business and product.  I realized that I was sabotaging my own success before I could even succeed.  Articles talk about these main obstacles:

  • Time – Making and having the time to focus on creating your brand, style, customers, products, etc. It all comes down to time management for me. I don’t have kids or a spouse, so my time is my own when I’m not at work.
  • Skill and Knowledge – Do you know what you are doing? I hope so, I’ve been studying and working on this for years.  My problem is I keep changing my mind on which crafts to do, because I focus on too much on what will sell. Well, few buy what I make and I get little feedback, so it’s best to master what I do know and what I have the most resources of.  I don’t need to buy more “stuff.”
  • Branding and Social Media – make a name for yourself and build a following. Two things I suck at; I am not good a networking and really don’t care too much for social media.  I rather build a relationship face to face…but then you have to move with the times, right.
  • Failure and judgement – Your friends and family don’t approve or support your business. Well…my family nor friends care, they are off doing their own thing, so I’m on my own. They don’t even help promote my crafts.  Plus it’s my money that I have put into this business, so…no judgement there.  Worse case, I put it all up for sale and recoup my lost.

So, if there is nothing holding me back, what’s holding me back?  Me! I’m afraid if this takes off and I get lots of orders. What if I can’t keep up; what if I become a slave to my own success and don’t get to go out because of orders; what if they really like my products and want special stuff and this and that?  So as you can see, I’m afraid to succeed.  I have no plans in quitting my job to do this full-time ( It’s just me paying these bills and I prefer and steady paycheck regardless of the economy).  I’m not trying to get rich, I just want to share my passion with others and the biggest compliment is when they buy something. With that,I should have a little extra money to buy more crafting supplies and “stuff.”

I need to get over being afraid, doubting my abilities and most of all…self-sabotaging.

I know it’s a little late/early to be posting Christmas stuff, but I wanted to share some Christmas Cards I made last year with Spellbinder and Heartfelt Creations Spellbinder dies.  These were cards I made for someone and really enjoyed how they came out.  I used vellum paper to make soft poinsettia flowers and layers several die cuts to give it a little depth.

When you have as much “stuff” as I do, it’s up to you to make use of all your material.  By doing so, you’re not restricted in your creativity. You start to think outside the box or challenged to try techniques that you maybe be uncertain about. #handmade greeting cards #spellbinders #greeting cards #Heartfelt Creations



It has been a long time since I posted, I would blame work, or family or just life in general…but it’s best just to own up to the fact that I’m not very good with social media stuff especially when I got alot going on. And I have had alot goings on. I’ve been working on this for months.  It’s the perfectionist in me…I want it perfect, I want it right. I want to be proud of the work I’ve done and I want others to recognize that. So I stress over the little details, the imperfections,  dents and dimples. 

A few months ago I posted “My Broken Heart,” I worked very hard to create a polymer clay Stitch character (copyright infringement not intended) for someone’s daughter, whom is a huge fan.  I made several attempts till I came up with that one, then once the figure was perfect-ish, I baked it (per instructions)…then BURNED it.  Not surprised actually since I also tend to burn the food I cook too.  But that was heart wrenching…No worries, I didn’t give up.

Success! I got the figurine completed and delivered.  End result…SHE LOVED it! Now I admit it was a bit big and long for a phone charm, but who else is walking around with a custom-made clay Stitch charm for your phone? Who? That girl, that’s who.


I learned how to make this charm via YouTube by SabyLoves. I believe that we should challenge ourselves from time to time and learn new crafts.  Someone asked me if I was going to make more and sell them…”No,” I said.  It’s very stressful to put that much work into something and try to mass produce them.  But I wouldn’t discourage anyone that wanted to try it.  I’m a perfectionist that constantly worries; I feel my work is never good enough. Despite the work and love I put into it; I feel I can do better and people won’t like it.  However, I was very proud of my baby Stitch; I did it with no prior training, that alone cemented my confidence in my creative ability. #polymer clay charm



This is my first attempt to make a Stitch out of polymer clay; this is for a  new customer ‘s phone charm. Step by step each action carefully made….then…


I baked it….T_T
Why oh why? …I understand this was my real first attempt, but I stuggled so hard then…it burned. My precious  Stitch got burned up…it was not intentional,  but I didn’t really know how long to bake it and I couldn’t see that the color had changed. Now it cracked, dry and brittle. Don’t over bake your clay they say…


Here is my 2nd attempt.  This time its a baby Stitch…wish me luck.
“I’m not perfect; I’m imperfect in a perfect way.”